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Texas Sex Offender Deregistration

Am I eligible to deregister as a sex offender?

As of 2005, it is now possible to seek deregistration as a sex offender in Texas. For the details regarding this law, feel free to look at the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 62.401. There are certain requirements in order to be eligible for this relief, the three key factors include:

  • You cannot have more than one violation that requires sex offender registration
  • You must have completed the sex offender treatment
  • The offense involved must require a longer period of sex offender registration under the Texas law than under the federal law

If you fulfill these requirements, you may be able to pursue deregistration. The first step in doing so is determining whether or not you are eligible. Once that is done, you and your attorney can put together your application to the Council on Sex Offender Treatment for Deregistration. You will then be evaluated and you can later petition to the sentencing court for your early termination from the duty to register.

For help through the deregistration process, contact us at (866) 845-4382.

What does deregistration entail?

There are many myths and untruths revolving around the idea of deregistration. Many think that if you register you will be removed from all nonpublic registries and that it can be used to expunge a sex offense, but neither of those are true. Other things that deregistration is NOT include:

  • It does not remove DNA from the law enforcement registries
  • It cannot be used to appeal the offense
  • It does not affect probation status
  • It does not remove the offense from criminal record
  • It does not allow the individual to get a job with children

Deregistration does give you relief from your duty to register, but it is important to be aware of the areas that deregistering does not affect. If you have further questions about what comes with sex offender deregistration, do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to discuss the details with you further.

Team Up With Daniel & Hudson for your Sex Offender Deregistration Case

One of the key aspects of deregistering is showing that you do not present a threat to re-offend. In doing so, you are showing the court that there are high risk offenders out there, and you are not one of them. This helps the community by ensuring that only high risk offenders are on the registry and can help you by removing you from the registry. Let us help you seek the relief that you are looking for, schedule your consultation with Daniel & Hudson today. You can reach us by calling (866) 845-4382 at your earliest convenience.

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